Begin Again

This evening I will wander around the house resetting the clocks that don’t reset themselves. It is time to “SPRING AHEAD” by one hour. This means that daylight will take us into the evening–that I will be consistently commuting home from the office without headlights unless there is rain. For a while it will mean that the morning commute will be with the sunrise, but the tilt of the earth will restore that light over the next weeks.

We are also just 11 days away from the spring equinox and a bit over a month away from Holy Week.

I love this time of the year. I love the season of lengthening days and warming temperatures. I love watching the last piles of snow disappear with melting and the first spring blooms emerging with confident boldness.

I’ll just leave this here as a little hopeful inspiration.

I recognize that this is work the Holy Spirit does in me. There is a melting of the parts which have hardened and a restoration of soil that welcomes, that contributes to the flourishing of life. A renewed hope. More light and warmth.

Come, Holy Spirit.